Recent SESC events

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On the 7th of March 2020 we held a meet at Lamborghini Tunbridge Wells.

We got lucky and had no rain during the day and had an unbelievable turn our of supercars and even got to see some 1 of 1 cars. 

We also ran a raffle thanks to Neil to raise money for Taylormade dreams



On the 30th of November 2019 we held a breakfast meet at Aston Martin Sevenoaks which was made possible thanks to Neil.

Despite being a cold morning and a little bit icey we had a fantastic turn out of supercars.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and was great to get the cars out one last time for the year to enjoy some bacon rolls, pasties, coffee and cars!

During this event we also raised money for Taylormade dreams a charity for terminally ill children.


Middle Farm Breakfast meet

On the 8th of September a group of 30 supercars met at a fuel station near Uckfield before heading on a scenic drive over to the south downs.

The sun was out and was an enjoyable hours drive over to the cafe along great driving roads before enjoying a lovely breakfast at Middle Farm.

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